Are your bags certified for use with food?

Our bags have been certified by the State Medical Institute in the Czech Republic in accordance with the Czech Ministry of Health under č. 38/2001 Sb (PDF download) for contact with food as per the EU regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. We will be happy to send our certificate to you via email.

What are your produce bags made out of? 

 All of our produce bags are made from GOTS approved organic cotton. The cloth and yarn used to make the bags, the drawstring closure, and the label are all organic cotton. The thread used to stitch the bags is 100% cotton, not organic cotton.

What sizes are your bags available in?

Please visit our E-shop to see specific bag information.

How much do Ova Bag produce bags weigh? 

Each Ova Bag produce bag has a standard tare weight that is printed on its label. Tare weight information for each bag size is also listed in the information section for that specific bag in our E-shop. Please note that tare weights for bags will change if a bag has been repaired or modified in any way, thereby voiding the printed tare weight.

What is tare weight?

Tare weight is the weight of the empty bag.

Where are your produce bags made?

Our produce bags are made in India by a facility certified by: GOTS, SA8000, OEKO TEX, and Fair Trade International.

Where is the cotton your bags are made from grown?

The cotton used to produce Ova Bag produce bags is grown in India.

My bag has a hole in it, what can I do?

While an Ova Bag product should last many years, life happens.

If your bag gets torn, don't throw it out. If your bag wears out, don't throw it out. Unless your bag has been well and truly eaten by the dog, don't throw it out - get it repaired by an Ova Bag Care Expert.

Why do we have an Ova Bag Care Expert? We all have busy lives, and don't always have the time to sit down and mend something. Which is why the Ova Bag team includes a skilled Bag Care expert who will assess your bags, and if repairable, will repair them for you for a minimal fee. Just send a picture of the damage and we will assess how to best help.

How often should I wash my bags?

Before using your bags, wash them in cold water, then line dry them. Your bags are 100% cotton and will shrink up to 25% when washed. Your bags should be washed only when necessary in cold water, and line dried. Minimising washing will extend the life of your bags. If your bags don't need to be washed, we recommend hanging them outside on a sunny day to air them. The natural process of photodegradation will assist in slowly removing any stains that may be on the bags from normal use, and a light breeze or wind will help clear out any bits of food that might be caught in the seams.

Why don't you have bags in multiple colours?

We don't bleach our bags or dye our produce bags because we want to celebrate the simplicity and texture of organic cotton. Additionally, we are confident based on our research that unbleached, undyed organic cotton is safely biodegradable, and home compostable, allowing Ova Bag produce bags to be part of the circular economy.

Can I compost my Ova Bag produce bag?

Before composting any fabric you should first check that it is made 100% from a natural fibre like cotton, wool, linen, silk, or hemp, and is not a blended fabric. If possible, you should also check to see if the dyes used on the fabric are eco-safe dyes. If in doubt, check your local textile recycling facilities to see where and how to donate or recycle your old textiles, do not home compost them.

Ova Bag produce bags are made from 100% cotton and are not a blended fabric. According to a variety of sources, it is safe to home compost 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton thread.

Before Home Composting your Ova Bag produce bag, REMOVE the branded label. This label has been made with organic cotton and printed using OEKO TEX approved ink. However, it is best that the label goes to an industrial composting facility IF your local collection allows for the addition of natural fabrics. Check with your local collection services before adding any natural fabrics to your bio waste bins, dispose of the label according to the rules of your local collection.

Once you have removed the label from your Ova Bag produce bag, cut it into 2cm x 2cm (or smaller) pieces. Then you can add it to your home compost bin, depending on the type of compost bin you are working with. Please be sure to check instructions for your type of home composing system before adding the cotton pieces.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship only to EU member countries. If you are located outside the EU and wish to purchase Ova Bag products, please contact us directly and we will see if we can help.