We are a small team of people who believe that sustainable environmentally friendly products can be affordable.

Our first product tackles the problem of the horrible thin plastic bags and plastic mesh bags we all get when we buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. In our own trips to the store, we have found that we can end up with 10 or more of these plastic bags in our weekly shop. This is in addition to all of the non-recyclable packaging that most packaged foods come in. So we decided to work toward making a difference where we can, by making an affordable, practical environmentally sustainable produce bag that we can use over and over again.

After researching cloth bag producers, we found one in India who was willing to work with us to ensure that every step of an Ova Bag bag's production meets international environmental and workplace standards. Our producer has the following certifications: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, SA8000, Fair Trade, FSC (packaging).

Ova Bag fresh produce muslin and mesh bags are perfect for buying loose fruit, vegetables, bread, nuts, rice, and dried beans. We've also been known to use them for carrying around spare clothes for our kids.

Our organic produce bags also have the SZÚ certificate for contact with foods. Should you like to have a look at it, please send us and email and we will be happy to forward it.